Welcome to the new Narrow Gauge Railway Society Library website . . .

In 2017 a Society volunteer working for the library undertook the epic task of scanning our entire back catalogue of in-house publications in a searchable .pdf format, right back to the first issues produced in 1951.

As the wealth of our published material grows, the task of maintaining a meaningful published index becomes problematical. Searchable .pdfs presented an alternative resource. Most pc’s and laptops will globally search a folder of .pdfs for specific content (once downloaded).

In 2018 the Committee of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society Ltd. resolved to make the first one hundred issues of our two publications (excluding ‘Special Issues’) available to our membership, as well as to the wider narrow gauge railway fraternity.

This platform (WordPress) is intended as an initial step to put more library resources online. Feedback from N.G.R.S. members and the general public alike are welcomed.

Society members may submit research requests which will be drawn from the entire back catalogue of our publications.

Happy researching! Jim Hay (N.G.R.S. Librarian)

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